If you’re going to San…

If you’re going to San Francisco…

ANSWER is organizing simultaneous antiwar protests this Saturday in D.C. & S.F. It’s looking like they will be huge.

Bus caravans will be going to S.F. from L.A., provided by ANSWER LA. This past Monday morning, after the peace rally Saturday, they had 300 messages waiting from people wanting to reserve seats. And others had trouble getting through because their three phone lines were constantly busy.

Thosw who are protesting this coming war are increasingly mainstream in their politics.

One friend, who describes himself as coming from “a long line of quality rednecks” told me he’d supported every war this country has had – until now. He thinks Bush is nuts. He would have marched Saturday except he has bad feet and said he’d be there in spirit.

Another friend, mainstream politically, marched Sat at her first protest, and is going to the SF demonstration this weekend – with several friends.

“Something’s happening here…”