INS deportation rulings sped up,…

INS deportation rulings sped up, obvious errors being made.

The L.A Times reports that deportations rulings are  now being processed assembly line style, in as little as ten minutes, with some people being deported in clear violation of the facts in there case. Some lawyers wonder if the judges even read the reports.

“A Justice Department overhaul of the immigration appeals system, often the last stop for people fighting deportation, has prompted a barrage of unusually fast rulings rendered without explanation — and an outcry about noncitizens’ rights to due process.

“Does it make sense? The answer is no,” said T. Alexander Aleinikoff, a law professor at Georgetown University and former Immigration and Naturalization Service general counsel. “We are already seeing results: Many, many cases are decided at a speed that makes it impossible to believe they got the scrutiny a person who faces removal from the United States deserves.”