Saudis must stem cash for…

Saudis must stem cash for terror, report says

“Despite a crackdown on terrorism financing after the Sept. 11 attacks, Saudi Arabia still must dismantle a system that has permitted hundreds of millions of dollars to flow to Islamic extremists through businesses and charities, according to a report submitted to the U.N.”

Hmmm, let’s see who did the report.

The 34-page report was submitted by Jean-Charles Brisard last week at the request of the Colombian ambassador to the United Nations, the current president of the Security Council. <Columbia, with their new right-wing President is one of the Bushies major allies on the Security Council>

Brisard spent years analyzing Al Qaeda’s finances for a French intelligence service. He works now as a private investigator for relatives of victims of the Sept. 11 attacks who have filed a lawsuit against Saudi political and economic leaders alleging they sponsored Al Qaeda terrorism.

Not exactly an unbiased source of info, eh, as he directly gains financially by proving Saudi-terrorist links.

Does some of the Saudi royal family send money to Al-Qaeda? Probably. But with 5,000 princes alone in the royal family, there are undoubtably dozens of factions and splits, with some favoring the U.S. and some not. Rather than say Saudi royals finance terrorism, let’s focus on which ones do and why – rather than have politically suspect reports like this one bashing all Saudis.