Proof the FBI is NOT…

Proof the FBI is NOT infiltrating the peace movement!

FBI warns corporate leaders of possible attacks by antiwar activists

“An email advisory from “the FBI’s Awareness of National Security Issues and Response (ANSIR) program” Dec, 4 sent to ” thousands of ‘corporate security professionals,’  warns that “a loose network of antiwar groups” opposed “to possible U.S. military action against Iraq, are advocating ‘explicit and direct attack upon the war machine.'”

According to the advisory, the week of December 15-21 has been set aside as a “week of action against warmongering.”

Damn and here I am, a council member of the Green Party of L.A. County and a volunteer at NION and ANSWER (major antiwar coalitions), and I’ve heard not a peep about this “week of action”. Nor have any of my peacenik pals.

So, either the FBI is either demonstrating spectacular incompetence by alerting corporate America to a nonexistent threat or this is – put on your conspiracy caps kids – a devious plot to cast suspicion upon peace activists. I go with the former, remembering the wise words of Never attribute to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity”.

And what triggered this FBI email warning? The article explains that it was a single posting on Infoshop, an anarchist site.  That was the entire threat. One posting. With no corroboration from anyplace else. And these people are supposed to make us safe from terrorists?

All of which proves FBI could not possibly be infiltrating the peace movement. Why? Because if they’d been at NION and ANSWER meetings or surfing antiwar websites or subscribing to antiwar listservs, they’d know that a random post by one person does not a week of action make. Lordy, they can’t even figure out what the peace movement is doing, and we post everything in plain sight on the Internet. And people are expecting them to infiltrate the deeply underground Al Qaeda? Don’t hold your breath.

Actually, there IS a week of (nonviolent) resistance being planned, but that’ll be in January…  We are deviously planning it in plain sight so the FBI won’t find out…