Chavez will survive

Chavez will survive
At least that’s my guess Why? Because the military backs Venezuela president. Coups and revolutions can not happen if the military stays loyal. It’s as simple as that.
On Jan 1, 2003 major new laws go into effect in Venezuela which will vastly strengthen Chavez. thus, the opposition knows it only has ten more days to knock him out of power. Hence they are pushing very hard now.
Be aware the “strikes” in Venezuela are, for the most part, business shutdowns by the owners, rather than strikes by the workers. The major media there is running virtual nonstop attacks on Chavez. Imagine the Fox News bias multiplied by 1000, and running constantly on all radio and TV stations and you understand how much the monied class wants Chavez out.
And it is a class conflict. For the most part, the poor, the peasants, the brown skinned support Chavez while the wealthy business class wants him gone.

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