A radical takes over the…

A radical takes over the Blue House in Seoul

From the Taipei Times

“Radical left-wing and pro-unification reformer Roh Moo-hyun was elected president of South Korea by a slim margin yesterday. The US, Japan and other countries were stunned by the results.

Roh’s stark ideology is also reflected in his attitude toward the press. He detests the “domineering” mainstream newspapers. Following a lawsuit against the nation’s biggest newspaper Chosun Daily, Roh vowed to declare war on the press. Insisting that he would not compromise. He still refuses to give interviews to the daily even now.

His supporters include many Internet-savvy people in their 20s and 30s, most of whom are radical anti-US intellectuals.”

Also, many mainstream South Koreans are furious about the two Korean girls who were killed when run over by a a US military vehicle – and the soliders whisked out of the country then found not guilty of anything. This has become a huge deal in Korea, and there have been massive demonstrations protests aimed at getting US military presence deeply scaled back, if not eliminated completely.