Dangerous peacenik bumper stickers sternly…

Dangerous peacenik bumper stickers sternly examined!

Via email from StopUSwars.com

“Traveling to San Fransico Saturday night, an LA peace activist was detained at LA International Airport as authorities reviewed each of 500 anti-war buttons and bumper stickers one at a time, in the name of “national security”.

After diverting his luggage for x-ray scanning just before walking on the a Southwest flight to the Bay Area,  Andrew Liberman, of Coffee House Teach-Ins was detained as airport security asked for permission to open one pack. In it they located what they decided was the threat to national security– and one at a time perused the items like “Peace is Patriotic” stickers, and the red, whiite, and blue “Are You Willing to Die For Exxon” buttons and stickers. When Liberman asked what all the concern was about,  and remarked that he couldn’t understand what all the concern was about–with printed matter, the supervisor responded, “That’s good that you don’t understand. Our security system is then working”.

Sharp thinking there pal, and you have the thanks of a grateful nation for your deeply intelligent actions in examining 500 bumper stickers one by one. God only know what fiendish spawn of Al-Qaeda might have been lurking inside them.