South Korea

South Korea

In June, two US soliders in South Korea driving a mineseeper too fast ran over and killed two South Korean schoolgirls. They were tried in US military court and found not guilty.

South Korea, and this is not an exaggeration, has exploded in anger and protests over the verdict. Recent demonstrations there have been among the largest anti-American protests ever. The government is considering re-doing their agreement to have US military in their country. Restaurants are refusing to serve Americans. And 1.3 million Koreans have signed a petition protesting the verdict.

These protests are way past being a fringe movement. They now have massive mainstream support, and are growing daily.

A South Korean delegation just presented the petition to the White House – and it was refused. That’s right, the White House refused to take it. Oh yes, all the proper military authorities said they were terribly sorry, so has Bush. Yet the soliders were acquitted and the petition was refused.
Tell me, what kind of message does this send?

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