Venezuela Chavez supporters surround TV…

Venezuela Chavez supporters surround TV stations

From a NarcoNews email:

“Masses of Venezuelans have peacefully surrounded all the commercial TV stations in the country to protest the dishonest simulating efforts by these media giants to provoke a coup d’etat”

Breaking news from their website.

“On Monday night, the Venezuelan majority – unwilling to allow an upper-class economic coup d’etat that poses dishonestly as a strike to unseat its democratically elected government – took to the streets on a scale only seen once before in the nation’s modern history; as they had last April, when they turned back a military coup d’etat.
By early Tuesday morning the masses had every Commercial TV station in the nation surrounded. Their weapons were nonviolent and theatrical: pots, pans, fireworks and thousands of defiant but smiling faces.
An amazing sight: Thousands of people have surrounded the headquarters of five commercial television stations (RCTV, Globovision, TVS, Meridiano TV, Venevision) and are treating them to one hell of a cazerolazo (pot-banging). They are shouting “medios golpistas!” (putschist media) and “terroristas!”. The channels have stopped (probably only briefly) broadcasting anti governmental propaganda and are at last giving some pro governmental demonstrations some coverage.”

As Greg Palast would say, “you did read about this in U.S. media, didn’t you?”