Why are the Venezula coup…

Why are the Venezula coup plotters so impatient?
and how Venezuela can defeat them legally

Under the Venezuela constitution, President Chavez can legally be recalled in a referendum in Aug 2003. So why are the anti-Chavez forces pushing so hard now to remove quickly?
From NarcoNews, translated from Rebelion.org

1) Since the April 11th coup d’etat, which was their maximum point of power, the conspirators have been weakened in two key ways. A. They have lost internal unity and fight among themselves for power, and, more importantly, B. They have lost a fundamental part of their social base in the middle classes.
2) Various important laws that come into effect on January 1, 2003, that touch vital interests of the economic elite: Among them, the Land Law that affects not just the large plantation owners in the country but also real estate speculators and vacant lots in urban zones. The Hydrocarbon law is even more important because it will permit the dismantling of the meta-State of the petroleum business PdVSA, the corrupt oil group that controls the economic life of the country.
3) Their doubts about being able to win a recall referendum.

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