Venezuela. Another coup attempt in…

Venezuela. Another coup attempt in progress

Two major items from the always reliable NarcoNews about what’s really happening in Venezuela.

First, the oil strike isn’t a strike. The workers have been locked out by management, who no doubt wish to create chaos in hopes of ousting Chavez.
Second, the recent shooting of anti-Chavez demonstrators appears to have been orchestrated and paid for by those same anti-Chavez forces.
From a NarcoNews email:

The Venezuelan Navy today regained control of the hijacked oil tanker from its mutinous captain. The last effective maneuver of the upper-class “opposition” was thus foiled and the “strike” (management imposed lockout of workers from their jobs) that began last week has now fracased on every front.
Friday night’s contemptible shooting of civilians in an opposition demonstration by gunmen, resulting in the capture of Portuguese national Joao Gouveia, has taken a shocking turn:
“Congressman of the MVR party (Fifth Republic Movement) and journalist Juan Barreto reported today that Joao Gouveia, the Portuguese citizen accused of having assassinated various members of the opposition concentrated in Plaza Francia of Altamira (the wealthy section of Caracas) entered the country (Friday) at 5:40 p.m. coming from Lisbon. Barreto said that Gouveia confessed that he had been contracted by pro-coup General Medina Gomez to cause a massacre in Altamira, for which he was paid 35 million bolivares.
“Congressman Barreto said that as a journalist he has contacts in various agencies and information that the accused was acting as if he were paranoid, faking that he was mentally ill, but after examined by different psychiatrists who determined he was lucid, finally confessed this morning.
It is difficult for many to believe that there are interests so cynical as to order their own supporters shot to gain sympathy for their “cause,” but to close observers of the Venezuelan reality this possibility is not
surprising at all.
Stay tuned as we hunt down the facts.

NarcoNews will be covering this as it develops.