Scott Ritter is a conservative…

Scott Ritter is a conservative Republican.

I heard Scott Ritter speak today. He believes the “rule of law” should always be followed, and the US government is not following the rule of law as regards Iraq.

As signatories to the UN Charter, the US is obliged to follow that charter, and it specifically rules out “regime change” as a reason for war. Also, article 1441 only mentions disarming Iraq, and nothing about regime change or invasion. Thus, Ritter concludes, the U.S. government is violating the rule of law, and this disgraces all Americans, including those in uniform.

As a leftie, I learned much from his conservative viewpoint in opposition to the coming war. His opposition is Constitution and rule of law based, spoken as a conservative Marine who is deeply patriotic and feels his country is being abused and led astray by our government, a government who is ignoring the law.