Los Angeles peace organizing

Los Angeles peace organizing

Upcoming major events

Peace Vigil, Sat Dec 14th
7-9 PM, Hollywood & Highland. The four major coalitions have signed on to this so it could easily draw a few thousand people.

Mass Rally, Sat Jan 11
Probably 11 AM, assemble downtown. Specific details still being worked out. This could get tens of thousands and is being organized in conjunction with the expected to be huge DC & SF rallies the following weekend.

These coalitions, while they may have different constituencies and viewpoints, are all working with each other. 

Coalition for World Peace
Has considerable Westside and entertainment biz support. 

International Answer LA
More militant than the others. Favors a Palestinian homeland, and sees this issue as related to an Iraq War and American imperialism. Also the best organized, as they’ve had an office here three years, the others were formed post 9/11. 

Interfaith Communities United for Justice & Peace.
Los Angeles coalition of 80+ faith-based groups, including the five major religions. Becoming a model for other groups across the country.

Not in Our Name LA
Doing considerable organizing in high schools, colleges, as well as with a multitude
of ethnic groups.

Peace vigils
There are at least fifteen weekly peace vigils now in LA, usually on Friday nights between 5-7 PM at busy intersection.

Coffehouse teach-ins
Popular and informative – standing room only with people outside on the street looking in.