Why Chavez took over Caracas…

Why Chavez took over Caracas police department
President Chavez of Argentina recently nationalized the Caracas police department, he took a lot of static here for doing so. A supposedly anti-democratic move. Well, maybe not.

Imagine, for a moment, that the Washington DC municipal police had repeatedly shot and killed peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators, looted
radio and TV stations, attempted a coup d’etat and terrorized the population… Would the national government then be justified in taking it
away from the rogue forces? That’s what’s happened in Venezuela, and as Main reports, the common people – the majority, the ones that AP, Reuters and the NY Times never allow to be heard – are cheering that it was long overdue.

What the professional simulators have distorted as a repressive act – uniformed guardsmen removing uniformed police chiefs – was in fact a
liberation from a serious repression by uniformed rogue police against civilians. The true facts show how knowingly dishonest the commercial US
correspondents have been with you, kind readers. If we had an honest media, those simulators would have already have been fired.

Via NarcoNews