This is WAY beyond Wag…

This is WAY beyond Wag The Dog

Fox News advised White House after 9/11

“Roger Ailes, the chairman of the Fox News Channel, confirmed on Monday that he sent a note suggesting policies to follow in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks,” the New York Times reports. “The existence of the note was revealed in the new book by Bob Woodward, , Bush at War. Mr. Woodward characterized it ‘an important-looking confidential communication’ in which Mr. Ailes was offering a ‘back-channel message’ to the president: that the president needed to convince the American public that he was taking ‘the harshest measures possible’ or else the public would not remain patient with the administration.”

Not to mention that some seriously bloodthirsty pounding of the drums for war by Fox News would boost their ratings providing some tidy ad revenue.

Conspiracies? Heck, this one is out in the open. What more evidence is needed to demonstrate that Fox News is the propaganda channel for the Bushies? “We report, you decide”, yeah right. “We distort, truth died”, I’d say.