All war, all the time

All war, all the time

If Bush has his way, will will have continual war for the forseeable future. With no thought given to what happens if we encounter obstacles along the way. Or what the blowback will be. And how could there not be blowback?

From John Robb’s Radio Weblog

60 Minutes interviewed Bob Woodward last night on his new book:  Bush at War.  It included snippets from an amazing recorded interview between Bob and George Bush.  It changed the way I am looking at the future in the following ways.

    1. Bush has a long-term agenda to eliminate the three major “named” sponsors of terrorism (Iraq, Iran, and North Korea).  He will not stop until all three regimes are “changed.”  Invasion of North Korea is on the table.  This agenda is based on the idea that technology and geo-politics have changed in a way that makes the continued existance of nations that support terrorism and the development of weapons of mass destruction untenable.  This agenda will direct every aspect of his presidency.
    2. These conflicts, and potentially additional conflicts with unnammed regimes (Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Palestine), will drive global politics and economics for the next decade.  The global economy will likely suck during this period.  This series of conflicts will consume all of our attention span.
    3. We are in the process of re-allocating how we deploy our forces world-wide.  It is very likely that after an invasion of Iraq, that most of the forces currently in Europe will be permanently re-based in Iraq.  The same holds true with North Korea and the troops we currently station in Japan and South Korea.  Long-term pacification of rogue states and regional hotspots is the goal.

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