Extremist rabbi in Hebron says…

Extremist rabbi in Hebron says annihilation of non-Jews acceptable

A prominent Israeli rabbi with thousands of followers said during a Sabbath homily in the settlement in Kiryat Arba’a Saturday that halacha, or Jewish religious law, “essentially supported the annihilation of non-Jews in Israel.”

The rabbi is affiliated with the messianic Jewish movement known as Gush Emunim (and here) which is represented in the Israeli Knesset by seven Knesset members.

Some background on the group:

According to Gush Emunim, “Jews are not and cannot be a normal people”, because “their eternal uniqueness” is “the result of the covenant God made with them at Mount Sinai”. Therefore, according to Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, one of their leaders, “while God requires other normal nations to abide by abstract codes of ‘justice and righteousness’, such laws do not apply to Jews“.

Harkabi quotes Rabbi Israel Ariel, who says that “a Jew who kills a non-Jew is exempt from human judgement, and has not violated the prohibition of murder”.

Charming. And not unlike the thought process of extreme Christians who shoot abortion doctors or extreme right wingers who blow up federal buildings in Oklahoma or extreme Islamists who fly planes into buildings. Anyone opposed to your thought process is a blasphemer and there are no non-combatants.

Hmm, let’s put extremist Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Hindus on their own island, and give them the opportunity to fight to the death for their lunacies. Possibly allowing the rest of us to live in peace.

A thought: I’m not aware of extremist Buddhists or Taoists. Are there any?