Michael Moore interviewed by The…

Michael Moore interviewed by The Guardian

The perpetrator behind Stupid White Men and Bowling for Columbine is in the UK now. An excerpt from the interview.

He asks if his new wheeze for the live show – involving Northern Ireland, holy water, a sceptre and a posterior is going too far. Not at all, I say. Relieved, he tells me of another scheme. “It’s Called The Third Way games, where it’s OK to be rich and to take advantage of the poor, and have fun doing it, instead of being mean like under Thatcher. We’re going to be playing different games with millionaires. I’ve got a homeless guy, and we’re going to play dunk the homeless, and we’re gonna play Pie the Poor where we have a woman who is living below poverty, and then we’re going to pin the tail on the asylum seeker. The millionaire will be blindfolded for that one.”