INCOMING… PoliZeros attacked!

INCOMING… PoliZeros attacked!

The cheerful warmongers over at Sgt. Strkyer launched this (actually quite funny) assault against PoliZeros for our termerity in flying the Distress Flag.

The poor guy doesn’t have perma-links yet, so search his site for the post by title, which is, “Sum Hep Hyare Wood Bee Het” (?), which might be the sound of cackling fiendishly about the prospects of war while stuffing one’s mouth with the raw meat of fresh-slaughtered furry woodland creatures and trying to say “The only sure path to peace is war” simultaneously.

From the good Sgt.

Bob Morris’ website is under siege. Running short of basic necessities, like food and water, he’s decided to run the flag up the pole upside down in a last-ditch effort to secure relief from the unrelenting hoarde outside his firewall.

Though the situation is dire at Ft. Morris, he has managed to send out one final message encouraging others to fly their flags upside down as well, though the exact nature of their distress is unclear. Some experts believe it to be a strange form of solidarity with Ft. Morris before its inevitable fall to the enemy, while others ponder whether these other websites are facing imminent danger themselves.

In his last, final, desperate plea to the outside world, Bob said, “Flying the distress flag on your blog to indicate a country in distress.” We can excuse Bob for the delirium brought about by ceaseless attack, for when one undergoes such harrowing circumstances, one tends to feel that he is a country unto himself. We also forgive him for stretching a straightforward code past credulity, as a desperate situation certainly brings hysteria and exagerration to the forefront of the mind.

While our politics aren’t the same, I can appreciate a blog with a sense of humor.