Oh Boy More Fear And…

Oh Boy More Fear And Gluttony

Another mind bolt from the deeply twisted, highly perceptive pen of Mark Morford

Darkness falls across the land, flowers wilt, the GOP takes full, and frightening, control

Feel that numbness? That strange slightly chilling shift deep in the heart, like a cold wind across the blood, an ice pick straight to the third eye, fingernails across the karmic chalkboard?

Fear not — it’s just the dark storm clouds of sadness and savage spiritual pain that just settled in over the collective soul of the country and indeed much of the world recently, as the Republican Party snatched total control of the American government and really honestly promised to further its agenda of fear and war and intolerance and bad sex and more petroleum products forevermore.

Neither party should have such power. And the GOP now has far too much. The counterbalance lost its footing. The greedmongers and the power vipers have been loosed like never before in recent history. The center cannot hold.

He’s right. Goodbye center. Hello polarization and angry gnashing of teeth in the streets. Been there done that (in the 60’s) and in my view, we willl be seeing an encore of 60’s-like chaos. For those of you who may be misled by media misrepresentations of the 60’s as hippie dippie peaceland good vibes, well, sometimes it was (and that was fun), however often it was serial assassinations, campuses in revolt, and cities in flames,

As noted crusty and ruthless and largely unpleasant former Clinton adviser James Carville observed just after the election, “The American people just don’t have a clue as to what’s coming.”

If you are female, gay, bisexual, atheist, black, immigrant, poor, progressive, intellectual, open minded, open hearted, if you hold alternative views, dress funny, dance, enjoy sex, read seditious literature, believe in peace and funky spirituality and don’t particularly care for a sneering angry self-righteous well-armed anti-everything deity, you are about to find out. The hard way. And so is everyone else.

The gods can only shake their heads, and sigh.