Drat those accursed Greens

Drat those accursed Greens

“This Green Party phenomenon is not going to go away in California,” said Bill Carrick, a Democratic political consultant. “This is a long-term problem. <And just who might this be a long term problem for?> Particularly in Northern California, there are a lot of voters, both environmentally sensitive voters but also typical liberal Bay Area voters, who vote for the Green Party as a form of protest against more moderate Democrats.”

We Greens view votes for the Democratic Party as a pointless form of protest against the growing strength of Greens. Hey Democrats, stop throwing away your vote!

Calling it a protest vote demonstrates cluelessness. Hmm yes, we Greens are deeply vexed by what Democrats are doing and indeed spend all our time reacting to them.

Twelve months ago Democrats were pointedly ignoring Greens, six months ago they began attacking us, and today, judging from the article, we make them nervous. As well they should be.

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