Eek, there’s a commie in…

Eek, there’s a commie in the peace movement.

There’s been Alarmed Concern of late about how organizers of some peace groups are commies. Well, it’s a non-issue. Let me explain….

I posted the above on the excellent Stand Down, the No War Blog, (a collaboration of Left, Right, and Libertarian blogs opposed to the coming war).

Then, through the miracles of modern XML, that posting automatically got trackback pinged and published on Political Wire Blogscan. Five minutes later, using the News Aggregator function of this Radio 8 blog – where I subscribe to about 40 newsfeeds – that same posting got bounced back to me and I published it here with one click.

An instructive example of how powerful weblog software is becoming. Instant access to multiple news sources with ability to publish and add comments to any news item.