Why the Democrats did badly…

Why the Democrats did badly tonight

There’s little discernable difference between the parties. Given Republicans and timid little mice pretending to be Republicans, voters have chosen Republicans.

Harsh words? Hey in the 60’s, Democratic Senators actually made loud angry speeches against the war. And if Taft-Hartley looked like it would be invoked in a strike, Democratic Senators would loudly oppose it. Where are they now?

I didn’t hear a peep out of Democrats when Bush threatened to invoke Taft-Hartley on the longshoremans strike. Did you?

The Iraq War? A few Dem Senators opposed it, the rest cravenly went along with Emperor Shrub because golly shucks we can’t appear like we aren’t patriots and besides by voting for war we make the issue go away so we can concentrate on the economy and crooked CEO’s.  How clever of you. Except you forgot to say anything about the economy and Enron, why is this? However be aware, the Iraq innocents who will die because of your vote may not appreciate the deviousness of your (failed) logic.

Exposing the crooked CEO’s and Enron-like thievery? Well that would lead into campaign financing and a whole lot of stuff you, like the Republicans, would prefer never see the light of day.

And now Eric Alterman is wheezing about how Greens are worse than commies and how dare we run candidates.  Eric Eric Eric. Your beloved Democrats care little for your progressive ideals. Were Democrats to run candidates who actually act like Democrats, they might start winning big time.  Don’t blame Greens for the ineptness and corruption in your own party. Besides, Al Gore won, Bush stole it. Focus on that.

The Green Party is the only party that is growing nationwide, all other parties are losing voters. Why do you suppose that is?