Posting may be spotty here today until late. I’ll be a pollworker at my local precinct from 7 AM – 8 PM, then on to at a party at Donna Warren’s (Green Party candidate for Lt. Gov) office.

LA County voting locations

For those in LA – vote Yes on Measure B, which will prevent, at least temporarily, several major hospitals from closing. We have a real live health crisis happening here, no joke.

Green Party results nationwide

My predictions:
The Dems pick up a seat or two in the Senate, and maybe the same in the House.

The California Green Party slate polls somewhere between 4-8%.

My thoughts:
What a dismal campaign season. The Republocrats are awash in sleazy money, dirty tricks, and deceptive ads. Nothing of substance was debated. Instead, lots of manufactured personas and devious ad campaigns promising much and saying nothing. All sizzle, no steak.

But you already knew that…