Evil mutants steal blogmaster’s brain

Evil mutants steal blogmaster’s brain

Saved by heroic reader, kosmo, who rants…

So John Robb says that the world is going into the toilet and there’s *nothing* we can do except stay home and wait for it to pass.  And your response is:

“Well put…”   


Excuse me but I think some evildoer has hijacked your website. The Bob that *normally* posts to this website is an Activist w/ a capital A.  He’s Mad As Hell And He’s Not Going To Take It Anymore!  He doesn’t care about the odds – he’s going down fighting. He going to do *whatever* it takes to reclaim his country.  He would never have said: “Well Put” to such nonsense.

This pansy that that’s advocating the full Ostrich Mode isn’t going to fool Bob’s readers. Not for a minute.  So you might as well turn him now loose before you have real trouble on your hands!

<KA-POW! Take that evil monster of ennui and defeatism. SPLAT!! Never again shall you trick me… SMASH!!! >

This fool Robb *allows* as how it’s ok to vote (as long as you don’t get too worked up about it). Well let’s look at the governor’s race to see how useful voting is going to be for the average person.

You, yourself, estimated that that Peter Camejo – who appears to be an excellent candidate – won’t get any more than 8% of the vote. The SF Chron had the following headline on Saturday: “25% of voters are still undecided.” This headline, by the way, is not true. It’s not that %25 of potential voters can’t decide between Davis and Simon.

They already *know* that they don’t want to vote for either one of these slimy characters but under the Rules Of Voting, as the average person understands them, they have no other choice.

Let’s review the Rules Of Voting that have been “drummed into us” since Forever:

<> There are only 2 real political parties.
<> Only candidates from the 2 Real parties have any chance of winning
<> A vote for *any* other party is a Wasted Vote.
<> Voting is a Sacred Duty in a Democracy
<> Wasting your vote is a violation of your Sacred Duty.

Therefore *millions* of decent people in this state would *love* to have some like Camejo to vote for but they *truly believe* that their only legitimate, “responsible” choice is to, once again, pick the “lesser of two Evils”.

There are two things that could change this:

<> These people could suddenly wake and realize that they’ve been brainwashed (don’t bet all your money on this one).

<> The people could receive “special permission” and be authorized (just this one time) to vote a 3rd party candidate by someone w/ the authority to grant such an exemption. For example if the SF Chron or the LA Times had endorsed him. Or one or more respected, major celebrities could have endorsed him. Had either of these 2 things happened it would *instantly have become a 3 way race.

And then people would have had an actual choice.  But since neither of those two things happened then those millions of decent voters are going to do what they’ve been told is their Duty and, holding their nose, vote for someone who will lie, cheat and steal from them.

This is the reality of the one Action that John Robb will allow us while we wait for Our Rightful American Life to be returned to us.


< HEY KOSMO, want to run for Green Party office????>