Democrat in Green’s Clothing

Democrat in Green’s Clothing

Green Party of California Media Advisory
November 11, 2002

North Coast- In an apparent last minute attempt to win Green party and environmental voters, Patty Berg, the Democrat candidate for the first Assembly District, sent out a mailer proclaiming that she is the Green candidate.

In a tight Assembly race against Green Party candidate Doug Riley Thron, and Republican candidate Rob Brown, Berg sent a mailer to voters in the district claiming “Don’t be fooled- Patty Berg is the real Green candidate.”

“It is flattering to have the Democrats mimic us, and this last minute mailer shows that the Democrats are running scared,” asserted Susan King, Chair of the CA Green Party Campaigns and Candidates.

“This mailer uses the word “Green” repeatedly, yet Patty Berg continues to court the logging industry by accepting their campaign contributions toward her election. She is using our good name and reputation to try to win by deceiving the voters into believing that she is the Green candidate, when in fact, she is not,” King stated.

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