US judge approves the politically…

US judge approves the politically motivated MS-DOJ settlement.

This proves one thing.  As a society, we are still in denial about corporate abuses of power.  Law, like any other system is prone to distortion by the views of the people that apply it.  

However, this decision is the end result of the previous decision to settle the case.  The debacle of the SEC/MS settlement, given the copious evidence to demonstrate abuse, shows that this adminstration (a nice way of saying BUSH) is in favor of business as usual.  Unfortunately that means corporate greed and malfeasance is here to stay.  Given our present economic circumstance, another round of scandal is likely to plunge us into a Japanese scenario.  That is a situation where a country is so unable to reform itself that it continues to select stagnation rather than face the pain that will result in growth.   It is a country were the general good is overcome by the needs of a select few. [John Robb’s Radio Weblog]