Donna Warren on Three Strikes

Donna Warren on Three Strikes

Donna is the Green Party candidate for California Lt. Governor

November 1, 2002 

Today is the 5th year anniversary of my son’s murder.  At approximately 1130 a.m., Ricarrlo Porter in my home, pointed an assault weapon at my son and shot him point blank 9 times, 5 times to the body center.  The 10th shot whizzed over my head as I came from the kitchen to question why blanks were being shot in my living room.  What I saw was my beloved son crumpled to the floor, dying.  I bent to the floor, embraced my son and begged him not to die.  He took one last breathe without words and then he was gone.

I’m running for the second highest office in the State of California.  Included in my platform is a demand for amendment of 3 Strikes to violent felonies only, an end to the death penalty and an end to the bogus war on drugs. <more>

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