Leftist agenda invades LA Times…

Leftist agenda invades LA Times front page

Well this is different. On the front page of the LA Times this morning

To some countries, the real threat is the U.S.

Medical Pot Use Given a Boost

Jury nullification on ballot in South Dakota

And on the front page of the California section

Fewer Latinos Back Davis This Time

At this point in the 1998 governor’s race, 72% of Latino voters said they were backing Davis. He ultimately won 71% of the Latino vote, according to Los Angeles Times exit polls of voters. According to a Times poll published Tuesday, however, Davis is currently supported by 57% of likely Latino voters.

They were forced to mention Peter Camejo by paragraph 5.

Linda De Los Reyes, a student and mother of four in Sacramento, said she has many friends who are contemplating a vote for Green Party candidate Peter Camejo because of their frustration with Davis. <Uh if Latinos are backing away from Davis and are not interested is Simon, and since Camejo is Latino, should this be a surprise?>