San Francisco

San Francisco

After a weekend in SF, I see why people love it.

Usable public transporation. Subways, buses, and trolleys can get you anywhere in the city, and they run frequently (unlike here in LA).

Real neighborhoods with real neighborhood stores. No mini-malls. That’s right, no mini-malls. They aren’t allowed. Which is a major reason that neighborhood stores and neighborhoods can exist.

Lots of parks. Wonderful views. Water on three sides.

Lots of political activism, arts, culture, loonies. In short, the place has atmosphere, with each area noticeably different than the others.

Ok ok, so now I see why they view LA as a smog-choked wasteland of cultural illiterates and mini-malls. I’d move there except for the heart-stopping rental and real estate prices. Makes LA look cheap. I priced one condo in a so-so part of town. One bedroom. $375,000. Fees of $400 a month. So, you’d be paying close to $4,000 a month for a palatial … 452 square feet. Ouch.