Freenet keeps file-trading flame burning…

Freenet keeps file-trading flame burning

A new version of the Freenet software, a program based around wholly anonymous Net publishing and distribution, is due out Monday after long silence from its mostly volunteer developer community. <And anonymous means just that, you can’t be trackedf period…>

Freenet has long been a kind of peer-to-peer promised land, with its developers promising technical features far beyond the simple file-swapping of networks like Napster or Kazaa. Its ambitions have kept it squarely in the development stage for years, with few nontechnical devotees, while simpler rival networks have attracted millions of users.  [Privacy Digest]

You will probably also need to download the free Sun Java Runtime module which is required to run FreeNet. Warning, this is serious geek stuff, i.e. cryptic and powerful, so it takes a while to learne FreeNet, plus, with this new version, everyone is on FreeNet at once, so patience is a virtue.