Wellstone Dies In Plane Crash…

Wellstone Dies In Plane Crash.

His wife and daughter died also. What a tragedy. What a catastrophe.

Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-MN) has died in a plane crash, CNN reports. Josh Marshall writes a wonderful tribute saying Wellstone was “irreplaceable.” On the political ramifications, Wellstone’s death throws the battle for control of the Senate up in the air. CNN notes that under Minnesota law, “if a nominee in a Senate race dies during a campaign, his or her political party can select a replacement candidate no later than four days before the general election.”

The Washington Post reports that Alan Page and Walter Mondale are being considered to run in Wellstone’s place. MyDD tells why Page is a better choice. Yeah, I know, Wellstone isn’t even buried yet…

PS. Conspiracy rumors are already wafting through cyberspace, claiming Wellstone was murdered. Most illogical. The Democrats have enough time to appoint a replacement, and the huge sympathy vote will elect him.

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