my sniper news binge

my sniper news binge

After a two day sniper news binge on cable TV, I’ve sworn off.  There’s just not a whole lot of actual news reported, is there? Many talking heads explain it to us – when they aren’t squabbling among themselves, that is – but little useful hard news. And when there is some, it gets over-analyzed to death.

Another thing. Today they announced the sniper said “No child is safe”. Yet not one talking head / terrorist expert / psychologist gave advice to parents on how to cope with this. Not one. They weren’t even asked the question! I mean, what is up with that???

After an hour or so watching the omnipresent sniper news, filled with dire warnings for the future, anyone would get twitchy. The mood set by this news is ever increasing fear.

So, I turned the TV off. Better to get news via the Net. More restful. More realistic too.

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