Greenpeace shuts down LA and…

Protestor chained to gas pumpGreenpeace shuts down LA and NYC ExxonMobil gas stations

Greenpeace activists shut down a Mobil gas station today in the heart of Beverly Hills just minutes after shutting down an Exxon station in Manhattan. Protestors peacefully chained themselves to gas pumps at both locations and dropped a banner that read, “Stop Global Warming, Don’t Buy ExxonMobil.” The protests mark the start of a national day of action against ExxonMobil by environmental, human rights and pro-democracy groups

“Greenpeace has launched an international campaign against ExxonMobil that will continue until the company stops sabotaging government action on global warming, and agrees to support mandatory reductions in global warming pollution,” said Gary Cook, Greenpeace Climate Campaign Coordinator. “In Europe and elsewhere, ExxonMobil is already feeling the heat from Greenpeace and consumers – now the campaign is being ramped up in the United States.”

Greenpeace has documented ExxonMobil’s efforts to prevent action on global warming in a report entitled, “Denial and Deception: A Chronicle of ExxonMobil’s Corruption of the Global Warming Debate.” Despite multiple appeals from Greenpeace and others, ExxonMobil has refused to change its policy. The company is using its sizable resources to support top politicians, like President Bush, in an effort to stifle U.S. action on global warming.