All sniper news, all the…

All sniper news, all the time

CNN, Fox, MSNBC et al are running sniper news non-stop. Much of it is endless re-hashes of previous news, speculations by “experts” about the mindset of the sniper(s), and lots of frenzied dashes down dead-end trails – as witness the latest excited announcements this morning of two men in a van being detained. As it turns out, they were undocumented workers in the wrong place at the wrong time. So why not wait until the full news is known before the ponderous on-air interviews with analysts explaining what it all could mean?

The psychological commentators uniformly imply we are dealing with a lone psycho gloating at his success and at how smart he is. Well, he (they?) is smart and has pulled off successful shootings and escapes in the midst of huge police surveillance.

It may well be a lone psycho, however if TV news is going to speculate about the sniper, then why not discuss 1) if there is more than one person involved and 2) if they aren’t crazy at all. That is – could this be a deliberate attempt for reasons unknown at creating disruption.

Yeah yeah, I know, I never met a conspiracy I didn’t like. But the continued success  of the sniper indicates serious planning with more than one person involved. The sniper, a spotter, and a driver is a not inconceivable scenario. If there’s more than one person then the “lone psycho looking for glory secretly wanting to be caught” theory just doesn’t play.