Jeb’s not-so-good day [1].

Jeb’s not-so-good day.

Pity Jeb. He should be the runaway favorite in Florida’s governor’s race — he has the cash, the name, the incumbency, the “popular” president, and the state’s electoral machinery (that handed George the presidency). Yet wily McBride insists on making a race out of it, tying the race with less than three weeks to go.

And the news for Jeb haven’t been good lately. In addition to seeing his millions of ads do nothing for his electoral standing (the opposite has been happening), just yesterday he was exposed lobbying improperly for a campaign donor, had to blow off his daughter’s drug court hearing for a television appearance, and saw the press ignore his president big brother’s visit preferring to ask questions about Noelle instead. (Note: not only did Jeb blow off Noelle’s court date, but so did her mother. It’s nice to see the Bush “family values” in action. No wonder Noelle’s a mess…)

Now, individually, each of those things (and Jeb’s “devious” flap) wouldn’t be enough to cost him the election. But collectively, they could strip just enough votes to make this hair-tight election swing McBride’s way. <via Daily Kos>