Yahoo getting obnoxious – musical…

Yahoo getting obnoxious – musical banner ads

Checked a Yahoo news story today, and lo, “409” by the Beach Boys starts playing. A Ford banner ad on the top had decided my web surfing should be musically enhanced. How deeply thoughtful of them. I shall rush out and buy a Ford.

I bet they gear the music to whatever demographic Yahoo thinks I fit. Well yes, I did listen to “409” when it was released.  But they are assuming I still want to listen to it now. How insulting! They are implying that my tastes haven’t changed in the (omigod has it really been) nearly 40 years since that song was released.

Would the ad determine that a Gen-X’er should hear Nirvana or a rapper Public Enemy? Probably not, those bands are too “controversial” – i.e. they have actual ideas. How about me? What if I want to listen to Nirvana or Public Enemy? How do I tell the ad that their demographic of me is way off.

It might be fun to create several Yahoo accounts, all with widely varying demographics, then see what ads they pump at you. Have some fun with it. Be a 25 year old Pacific Islander living in Alabama making $1,000,000 a year. Stuff like that.