Hybrid sports car!

A picture named acurahybrid.jpgHybrid sports car!

This is way cool – a
400 horsepower hybrid muscle car that gets 42 mpg!

A sleek and powerful hybrid sports car concept that Honda Motor Co. unveiled last year at the Tokyo Auto Show could be the basis of a real production car from Acura.

If given the go-ahead, the car–code-named the DN-X–would turn heads not only because of its looks but also because it would show that hybrids don’t have to be automotive milquetoasts.

The concept car used a 300-horsepower V-6 coupled with a 100-horsepower electric motor to give it the performance of a 400-horsepower muscle car with excellent fuel economy.

when augmented with a high-torque electric motor that will provide lots of boost during acceleration, the system shown on the DN-X could achieve average fuel economy of 42 miles per gallon.

Not bad considering most 400-horsepower cars and trucks are doing well these days if they hit 15 mpg.