Secession trails in the Valley…

Secession trails in the Valley for first time

Los Angeles voters overwhelmingly oppose breaking up the city and, for the first time, the idea trails in the San Fernando Valley, birthplace of the secessionist movement, according to a new Los Angeles Times poll.

Pro-secession people will say, what do you expect from the deeply anti-secession L.A. Times, and they may have a point. Still, The Mo is now definitely against secession. The Pro- forces have utterly failed to do outreach to non-Valley areas, indeed, they barely tried. That’s their real problem – trying to convince non-Valley residents to vote for secession. What’s in it for those voters? A smaller L.A. with less revenue, and less state and federal clout? They have no strong reason to vote for secession.

So the Pro-secession forces have been reduced to pathetic “campaigns” where they stand on busy Valley street corners with signs. This just ain’t going to do it.

Plus, Mayor Hahn’s scorched earth policy against secession is well-funded and turning into a juggernaut.

Picking up on comments Mayor Jim Hahn made in the L.A. Business Journal, the Daily News leads with Hahn saying he will seek a state law to prevent secession from returning to the ballot any time soon after Nov. 5. “I’m not going to spend my whole term in office fighting every six months secession efforts,” via Secession Watch Oct 15