A cautionary tale of greed,…

A cautionary tale of greed, as demonstrated by my cats.

I see you cringing already. No this isn’t one of those pathetic “aren’t my cats cute” weblog postings. I have a serious point to make here!

My cats, Joey and Suzy, love cat treats. I’ve learned to toss the treats in different directions because Joey, if given the chance, will steal Suzy’s treats. However, his greedy behavior is self-defeating.

You see, Joey is so greedy that when tossed a treat, he will run up to it, guard it, then wait for me to toss one to Suzy, so he can try to steal it. 

He will often run to Suzy’s treat, fail to get it, then forget to go back to eat the treat he was guarding. Thus he loses out on a treat (which Suzy usually eats later on during her wanderings).

Even more amusing, Joey will sometimes be guarding a treat and be so focused on me that Suzy walks right up to him and eats the treat he’s guarding.

So, the moral of the story is – the greedier you are, the less treats you get.  Deep, huh?