The always amazing NarcoNews now (finally!) features a completely redesigned website. It’s searchable, with vastly improved layout and readability.
They routinely scoop major media news on breaking news from South America. Not only do they scoop, they often report what’s really happening while mainstream media re-prints White House press releases. Then, two days later, the mainstream media ends up reporting what NarcoNews said.
This happened during the attempted coup against the populist President Chavez of Venezuela. NarcoNews said that Chavez had not resigned when all other media was saying he had. The other media ate their words.
It happened again last week after the Brazil election. NarcoNews said the winner Lula, a hardcore Leftist, had gotten the endorsement of another party, thus guaranteeing him victory in the runoff. At virtually at the same time, the L.A. Times pompously announced Lula didn’t have the endorsement. Guess who was right?

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