In Minnesota, Wellstone Now Leads…

In Minnesota, Wellstone Now Leads Coleman.

In the Minnesota Senate race, Sen. Paul Wellstone (D) has staged a dramatic turnaround with Norm Coleman (R), and now leads 46 to 37 percent, a new MSNBC/Zogby Poll shows.

Yes, I’m a hardcore Green. Yes, the Minnesota Greens have an absolute right to run a candidate for Senate  – something progressive Democrats have been apoplectic about, much to the bemusement of Greens.

The Green candidate is mediocre at best, whereas Paul Wellstone just took a courageous stand by voting No on an Iraq War, something many thought would cost him the election.  Well, judging from these new poll numbers, maybe not!
If I lived in Minnesota, I’d vote for Wellstone. I hope Minnesota Greens do just that.