Persian experts: U.S. dangerously ignorant…

Persian experts: U.S. dangerously ignorant of invasion consequences

The general opinion at the First International Conference of the Association for the Study of Persianate Societies was that although Saddam Hussein is an unworthy national leader, the United States government gravely miscalculates the effect of an invasion on regional stability. Moreover, experts here say that Washington does not have the competence to manage internal Iraqi politics and a possible internal civil war after a “regime change.”

One specialist on Kurdistan said that the United States underestimates the vigor of the Kurdish drive to establish an independent nation in northern Iraq — something another American ally, Turkey, deeply opposes.

Afghan specialists wondered how the United States intended to create a new state in Iraq when they have failed to do so in Afghanistan. “Every American promise for Afghanistan has been broken,” said Zahir Mo’meni, a social scientist working for the new Afghan government.