Black helicopter alert for sniper murders?

From Friends of Liberty, “The Voice of the Right” via New World Disorder. 

Sniper attacks as gov’t special ops

According to military source with experience in Vietnam, the recent sniper killings in the Washington area look like the work of a military “special operation” involving no less than two or three profesional snipers.

This source pointed to the timing, location and the fact that all the shooters got away without leaving a trace. He gave the example of the shootings of October 3, when no less than 4 people were killed within 2 hours. He pointed out that although they were all killed in the same general geographical area, they were too far from one another for one shooter.

He estimated that three shooters would be involved. The skill in these cases is not that they killed their targets, but did it without exposing their positions, as a trained sniper would, and then got away without leaving a trace. This type of operation could not be done from a moving vehicle, because the chances of hitting the target are very low.

Therefore, the fact that no one saw where the shooting came from would indicate that the shooter was in a fixed position waiting for an opportunity to shoot without giving away his position.
This also would facilitate the fact that they were able to leave the scene totally undetected.

Then they really go off into ConspiracyLand, speculating this is a build up to increased repression at home and /or excuse for Iraq War (blame the shootings on bin Laden, etc.).  All completely bizarre, right?

Consider this. CnnFn reported the Friday murder happened while a police officer was across the street from the gas station.  Not only was this hugely brazen, the officer saw nothing suspicious before, during, or after the shooting. To me, this indicates stone cold pro(s) are doing this, from a stationary position, and that they are superb shots. In other words, military-trained.

From the homepage of the site

UPDATE: news sources are now saying that the shooter may have slipped the police dragnets, either by fleeing south toward Richmond, or by doubling back and hitting the interstate. It is also being spoken of, that the white van might be a “rabbit”–that the real shooter is using a white van as a decoy, while he (or she) sets up and fires from another location.

UPDATE: Sniper might be taking aim from rootops; waiting for white vans to pass by, so speculate reporters near scene of latest slaying. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile people in DC are so spooked they are paying for gas then driving away without pumping it.

Fear is running so high at the service station this week that “people are paying for their gas and then driving away without pumping it,” said employee Shaun Oles at the Exxon on Bowie’s Route 301.