And now for something completely…

And now for something completely silly

It’s the mustard museum!  Nearly 4,000 different jars!

Basil pesto mustard and merlot chocolate mustard. Lemon peppercorn mustard and bourbon molasses mustard. Curried apricot. Martini. Key lime macadamia mustard.

Mustard in jars, in tubes, in pots. Mustard from Azerbaijan and mustard from Zimbabwe. Mustard seeds, mustard rubs. Mustard ointments galore.

It’s all here, lovingly displayed, meticulously cataloged, at the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum, a shrine to the pungent condiment

Quote of the day

“A lot of people come in here and say, ‘You used to be a lawyer, and now you’re doing this?’ ” Levenson said.

“But I’ve got a greater opportunity to enrich people’s lives by selling mustard than by practicing criminal law.”