Kazaa, LA Times missing in…

Kazaa, LA Times missing in action

From the happily acerbic L.A. Examiner

A group of recording and motion picture companies has asked a Los Angeles federal judge to find the people behind the file-swapping service KaZaA, who they say are contributing to copyright infringement and financially benefiting from it. Problem: No one knows where the bigwigs are.

“Sharman Networks, the distributor of the program, is incorporated in the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu and managed from Australia. Its computer servers are in Denmark and the source code for its software was last seen in Estonia,” the New York Times reports. KaZaA’s original developers are thought to be living in the Netherlands, but entertainment lawyers have been unable to find them. Kazaa, remember, has an extremely tight relationship with Woodland Hills-based Brilliant Digital Entertainment. This is a case being brought by some of Hollywood’s biggest guns in a Los Angeles courtroom.

Sure glad the New York Times is there to keep Angelenos informed.