Friends don’t let friends rely…

Friends don’t let friends rely on the commercial media

Lula da Silva polled 47% in the Brazil presidential election Sunday, virtually guaranteeing he will win in the runoff on Oct. 27.

NarcoNews, as usual, just scooped the mainstream media with startling news.

“Socialist Party that received 17% has already declared itself united with Lula’s 46.7% vote heading into the second round on October 27th, just 20 days away.

That information hasn’t been told by the commercial wire services or the U.S. media yet. Perhaps the rest of the world will have to wait until October 27th to recognize the peaceful electoral revolution underway in our América. But, kind readers, those of you tuning in to Narco News will not be surprised at all.”

P.S. NarcoNews was the website that broke the actual story of the  recent aborted Venezuela coup. While US media was reprinting White House press releases as news saying the President Chavez of Venezuela had resigned, NarcoNews came out of nowhere and blasted the truth to its mailing list – the news that he had not resigned, that it was a botched coup, and that the US was involved.  From there, word spread rapidly.  A few days later the NY Times and Washington Post, ate their words.