The blogs bursting in air

The blogs bursting in air

This is the big day for the Open Letters Blogburst, an online collection of open letters from weblogs to our congresscritters asking why the rush to war.  30+ letters online already, and growing.  With lots of resources to help you write your own letter.

Here’s mine:

Open letter

Why Iraq and why now? 

There’s no evidence linking Iraq to bin Laden.  In fact, Iraq is a secular state and opposed to radical Islam.

There’s no evidence that Iraq has or is making nukes.

There is no evidence that Iraq is doing anything unusual or is making any hostile moves.

This country has never launched a first strike pre-emptive attack.  Yet we are are poised to do just that – because of a “threat”, Iraqi nuclear weapons, that does not yet exist. This is madness – coupled with greed for oil, lust for power, and the extreme Christian fundamentalism of much of the Bush administration.  This unprovoked attack on another country is guaranteed to upset the balance of power across the planet, and lose us what few allies we still have..

Stop the madness.  Do not invade Iraq.