No kidding???

No kidding???

Water privatization a touchy issue for California

The apparent breakdown of a deal between private Cadiz Inc. and the public Metropolitan Water District (MWD) to build a $150-million water storage facility in the Mojave Desert has called into question the role of private enterprise in supplying water to public.

The Los Angeles Times reported the issue evokes fears of the kind of corporate profiteering and market manipulation alleged in the wake of energy deregulation in the state.  <You betcha we got fears about that>

“Opposition to water transfers is extraordinarily emotional, and it evolves into a theological issue,” Ric Davidge, head of World Water, an Alaska company proposing to tap two Northern California rivers and ship the water to Southern California in enormous floating plastic bags <Golly, why would anyone have fears about plans like that?>

Hmm, gigantic floating bags of water being towed from Northern California to San Diego.  What a big fat tempting target for radical enviros.