Where’s the Beef? It’s in…

Where’s the Beef? It’s in Your French Fries

This award winning series of articles from India West, an American weekly, looks at the McDonalds beef in the fries brouhaha from the viewpoint of people from India, and of Jains, who are strict vegetarians, and who were not pleased to learn that eating the fries, however inadvertently, broke their religious tenets.. 

Cathy Gilbert, coordinator of McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Department, confirmed that natural beef flavoring is used in the french fries. “We use something similar to beef broth, just to enhance the flavor”

Taco Bell’s 7-layer vegetable burrito, which is served with guacamole laced with sour cream, contained gelatin, a jelly-like extract made by boiling the skin, hooves, horns or bones of animals. <Yuck!> Taco Bell switched to gelatin-free guacamole a couple of years ago, said Laurie Gannon, the fast food chain’s director of public relations. <Whew!>